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The prospect of automotive molds

2020-08-30 18:06:59

Automobile molds are regarded as the "basic process equipment of industrial production", and the mold industry is an unparalleled "benefit amplifier". The use of molds to process products greatly improves production efficiency, but also saves raw materials, reduces energy consumption and costs, and maintains products Features such as high consistency. Therefore, the mold is called "benefit amplifier".

In foreign countries, automobile molds are called the "golden key", the driving force for entering the affluent society" and so on. From another perspective, molds are humanized, contemporary, personalized, and creative products. The important thing is that molds develop , The competitiveness of products in industries that use molds has also increased. According to statistics, the ratio of molds to related industries is about 1:100, that is, mold development is 100 million yuan, which can drive related industries 10 billion yuan.Therefore, as a sunrise industry, the mold industry has a bright future.

Botou Xingda Mould Group is an important member of Botou automobile mould production. The company is a modern generation chemical company integrating the design, processing and manufacturing of automobile molds for the body and its covering panels. It can provide users with the design and manufacture of various types of automobile molds, and the three-dimensional modeling and Detection.




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