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Where is China's mold competitiveness

2020-08-30 22:35:56

With the increasing competition in the market and the maturity of consumer psychology, the competition in the Chinese mold market will soon enter the era of product competition. In the long-term and in-depth development of the global mold industry, Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the mold association and industry commentator, found that under the development trend of increasingly globalized economy, the profitability of mold manufacturers has a high correlation with the proportion of sales of premium products. , Having strong products is the key to long-term success for manufacturers. How to realize independent innovation and form national products with independent intellectual property rights on the basis of digesting and absorbing imported technologies has become a key factor for companies to improve their core competitiveness and win the future market. .

1. Integration of business philosophy

The shift from focusing on production to focusing on technology development and marketing management. The transformation from the traditional production and management type to the asset management type is an inevitable requirement for the management of the intensification of enterprise operations under the new situation. At present, the essence of enterprise production and operation is asset management. Enterprise management is no longer just an internal matter of the enterprise, nor is it just focusing on one aspect of production. It has become an integrated process including production management, market development, technology development, and asset management. Enterprises have to engage in a series of complex , Planning, organization, control and incentives.

Luo Baihui pointed out that corporate management checks the current situation and integrates various production factors to ensure the preservation and appreciation of capital. This means that we must adhere to the market orientation, respond to fierce competition, accelerate management innovation, shift the focus of management to the level of capital operation and management, and realize the transformation of enterprises from a production and operation type to a capital operation type.

Luo Baihui believes that my country's corporate management philosophy is affected by the era of planned economy, and lacks clear management concepts, modern management awareness, and independent spirit of technological innovation. Therefore, the direct way to make a great change in business philosophy is to promote enterprise management innovation by innovating enterprise culture. The innovation of corporate culture mainly includes thinking innovation, technological innovation, strategic innovation, institutional innovation, and mechanism innovation.

2. Organizational structure innovation

Enterprise organizational innovation is achieved by adjusting and optimizing the allocation structure of management elements, human, financial, material, time, information and other resources, and improving the effectiveness of existing management elements. As an enterprise’s organizational innovation, there can be a new property right system, a new employment system, a new management mechanism, company mergers and strategic reorganization, the appointment and election system for important company personnel, the adjustment and diversion of corporate personnel, and so on.

The direction of organizational innovation is to establish a mold enterprise system to achieve "clear property rights, clear rights and responsibilities, and scientific management". The organizational innovation of an enterprise must consider the company’s business development strategy, and systematically plan the future business direction, business objectives, and business activities; it is necessary to establish a market-oriented market information and a feedback response system that responds to macro adjustment signals in a timely manner; It is necessary to continuously optimize the combination of various production factors and develop human resources; while focusing on physical management, we should strengthen the management of value forms, focusing on asset management and capital accumulation.

3. Transformation of "knowledge-based concept"

Luo Baihui pointed out that in the era of knowledge economy, we should firmly establish a "knowledge-based concept" and strengthen knowledge management and information management. In terms of enterprise management innovation, the following changes should be accelerated: from traditional capital and labor input to knowledge input; from non-technology input to technology input; from hierarchical management to network management and Level management combined with transformation. Luo Baihui, an expert member of the Shenzhen Mold Technology Association, believes that mold companies need a less-constrained and flexible network organization. If an enterprise wants to be full of vitality and realization, change the rigid hierarchical management system of the past, make full use of network information resources, strengthen information management, and improve the level of decision-making; change from purely using technical knowledge to comprehensively using various knowledge; change from pure competition to competition and cooperation.

4. Change of social service concept

Luo Baihui believes that companies have shifted from pursuing profit maximization to pursuing sustainable and coordinated development. Taking profit maximization as the sole theme of management is one of the important causes of premature failure of enterprises. With the increasing speed of innovation in products, technologies, and knowledge, the sustainable and coordinated development of enterprises has become a topic that is more important than management efficiency for mold companies. With economic development, social progress and increasingly fierce competition in the global market, corporate social responsibility, that is, corporate ethics, has attracted widespread attention.

Luo Baihui believes that while producing products and gaining profits, companies take the initiative to take responsibility for the environment, society and stakeholders. Adhering to the sustainable development management concept, management will focus on overall optimization, system management, implementation of the overall function optimization of the enterprise system, focus on relying on core competitiveness, continuously improve market competitive advantages, focus on consolidation of basic management, and focus on refined and scientific management We should focus on people-oriented, proceduralization, standardization and institutionalization, and constantly improve the quality of employees, fully mobilize employees' initiative, and give full play to their active functions.

5. Realize corporate strategic cooperation and innovation

Mold companies not only provide a variety of products and services, but also know how to properly combine their core capabilities with other favorable competitive resources to make up for their own shortcomings and limitations. In the survival principle of mold companies, "exclusion" has been replaced by "cooperation".

Cannot ignore management integration innovation

How to achieve the survival and development of enterprises under the new situation of economic globalization, information revolution and the sudden emergence of knowledge economy has become a common problem faced by different types of enterprises in different regions. Luo Baihui, an expert member of the Shenzhen Die & Mould Technology Society, pointed out that relying on and implementing enterprise management integration innovation has proven to be the only way in theory and practice.

Management integration innovation is an important mode of management innovation. In a nutshell, it is a management innovation achieved through management integration methods or approaches, and its important feature is "integrity". This characteristic determines that the management integration innovation model has internal compatibility, functional complementarity, overall optimization and nonlinear efficacy. Management integration innovation plays a very important role and significance in forming the core competence of an enterprise, improving its competitiveness, and realizing its rapid growth and sustainable development.




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