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Contact / Service commitment

We are confident in fulfilling our commitment to the following aspects:
I. Automobile dies produced by our plant meet the requirements of other enterprises;
II. The quality system of products of our plant accords with international quality system certification standards;
III. Since our products are put into operation, our plant will take responsibility for our products with quality problems;
IV. Promise of delivery date: deliver the products on time according to the batch number, quantity and time limit specified in the contract signed by both parties. If the delivery date needs to be delayed due to the change of technical conditions and schemes, it must be confirmed by both parties, and the delivery shall not be delayed for no reason;

V. In the process of bidding, we will strictly implement the provisions of tender inviting unit, and will provide active coordination and never break the rule. Both parties will settle unaccomplished matter in bidding document through friendly negotiation.




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